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Prepaid is acceptable as well. Please with your name, address and telephone number if you want to order. You can reach us by telephone at , but E-mail can be easier.

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TimeFlow Intervalometers

for Bolex

TimeFlow TIV-140B.....$395.00
TimeFlow TIV-300B...... $595.00

for Krasnogorsk-3

TimeFlow TIV-240K.....$495.00

for Beaulieu

TimeFlow TIV-140BL.....$395.00
TimeFlow TIV-300BL.....$495.00

Combo Models (use TIV-140 or 300 on either camera)

Beaulieu/Bolex........ +$55
Scoopic/Bolex ......... +$45

2 year warranty on TIV-300 models, 1 year warranty on others.
10-day money-back guarantee.
TIV Shipping charges are:

USA Priority Mail $15 (2-3 day delivery! Best Value!)
USA FedEx 2nd Day $39
USA FedEx Overnight $55
USA FedEx Overnight Saturday Delivery $65

Canada US Mail $28
Other International via US Mail ' Global Express' $55

Revolution Camera Motors

Revolution for ARRIFLEX
REV-Arri II.....$1495 (time-lapse, single frame)
REV-ArriS.....(not available yet)

Revolution for BOLEX
REV-Bx-100.....$795 (time-lapse, single frame)
REV-Bx-100S.....$995 (time-lapse, single frame and sync)

Revolution for EYEMO
REV-BH35-100......$1495 (time-lapse only)
REV-BH35-100S.....$1995 (time-lapse and sync)

Revolution REV-121.......$995 (time-lapse, single frame)

  • for any Camera with 1:1 shaft

Note that time-lapse models will do single-frame for animation as well

See the Revolution Page for more information

1 year warranty, 10-day money-back guarantee.
Shipping charges not included.

Power sources

Lead-Acid battery kits - No "memory effect"!


  • includes one 12V 4AH Lead-acid battery, regulated charger, XLR cable, and a shoulder carrying bag.  The battery weighs 4.5lbs.


  • includes two 12V 4AH Lead-acid batteries, regulated charger, XLR cable, Y-adapter for 24V output, and a shoulder carrying bag.   

AC adapters

AC-12V-2A ..........$25.00

  • 12V power supply for 120/240VAC operation. Standard XLR jack output, pin 1 is ground, pin 4 is 12V. 2 Amp output in a tiny (1" x 2" x 3.5") package.

AC-12V-3.33A ..........$35.00

  • 12V power supply for 120/240VAC operation. Standard XLR jack output, pin 1 is ground, pin 4 is 12V. 3.33 Amp output in a tiny (1" x 2" x 4") package. Standard IEC input, cord included.


  • 24V power supply for 120/240VAC operation. Standard XLR jack output, pin 1 is ground, pin 4 is 24V. 2A capability.

The Krasnogorsk-3

Krasnogorsk-3 Camera 16mm/Super 16mm ..... $795.00 / $895.00

  • New, complete package as described on the Krasnogorsk-3 web page. 

Krasnogorsk-3 Super 16mm Sync ..... Sold Out

  • Yes, as of February 2007, we've got some motors in stock! 12-24-48 fps crystal-sync.

K-3 Time Lapse Special ..... $1195.00!

  • Includes Krasnogorsk-3 package and a TimeFlow TIV-240K intervalometer, everything you need to create dazzling time lapse.

Six-month warranty.
For more information about the Krasnogorsk-3, see the K-3 web page.

K-3 Accessories

K-3 Lightmeter-Battery Adapter kit ......................$29.00

  • This precision machined brass adapter will allow the use of inexpensive zinc-air type button cells for the lightmeter circuit of the K-3.   Included is the adapter and five cells.  Instruction sheet in PDF format. You can order online!

16mm Projectors and Projector Parts (including Belts)

Eiki NT 16mm Projector, good condition ....................... $995.00
See the Eiki page for details and more projector accessories including Eiki Belts.

90-day warranty. Shipping charges not included.





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