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The TimeFlow TIV-300C Cable Release Intervalometer

TIV-300C Intervalometer

The TIV-300C is the same as the TIV-300B but with a cable-release output.

The video below should explain it.

Digital Timelapse Footage shot with the TIV-300C rigged up to a digital camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this work on a 16mm Bolex or K-3?

A: No. The K-3 requires a massive force to release a single frame. The Bolex requires a strong force and a long stroke to release a single frame. But we have TimeFlow models specifically for the Bolex and K-3 cameras.

Q: Will this work on the Beaulieu?

A: Haven't tried it yet! As the Beaulieu cameras are electric rather then spring, I suspect it will work fine on those cameras. Once we get a chance to try it on the 8mm and 16mm Beaulieu cameras, this section will be updated.

Q: Will this work on the Scoopic?

A: Tried it on a Scoopic, it worked fine. Note that we have a TIV designed for the Scoopic that doesn't need a cable release, and can be setup for use on the Bolex as well.

Price: $495.00

Other Information

  • 1 year warranty
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 4" x 1.5" tall
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Power: 4 AA batteries

TIV-300C Intervalometer Instructions Revision 1.00


The TIV-300C is the same as the TIV-300B for the Bolex, with exactly the same functions and operation.

Refer to the TIV-300B manual (PDF or HTML) for operating instructions, including all the advanced features. Ignore the installation part of the manual.


The flexibility of the cable makes for flexibility in mounting the TIV! You can velco it to a tripod leg or use a bracket attached to the camera to support the TIV. Just make sure it's a solid, stable mounting.

Adjusting the Cable Release 'Pin'

At the end of the cable release is the metal part, or 'pin', that presses inside your camera and fires a frame.

There is a threaded fitting in the TIV that controls how far the pin sticks out. You can adjust this to match the needs of your camera.

First, unscrew the cable release at the metal barrel sticking out of the TIV. You will be able to remove the outer part of the cable release, exposing the spring and the flexible cable inside.

Gently twist the flexible cable between your fingers. Counterclockwise will lengthen it. There is about ½" of travel. If you unscrew too far, it will come out of the clevis. If that happens, just remove the bottom from the TIV (4 Phillips head screws) and you will be able to thread it back in.

Note that when you put a bend in the flexible cable the end of the cable release will retract slightly. So before adjusting mount the camera and intervalometer as they will be mounted when filming.

Adjusting the Cable Release 'Throw'

How far the pin moves out with each exposure is adjustable. You should adjust it for the minimum travel that will reliably trigger a frame.

There are two timing values that control the pin throw. The first is called right_time. It is set to 72. The second is called right_hold. It is set to 66. Both can be changed.

When the pushrod is not extended, a timing value of 58 is used.

The value of right_time controls how far the pushrod moves out when triggering a frame. Larger numbers means it moves further. The value of right_hold controls how far the pushrod is out when holding the shutter open. It only comes into use during time-exposures.

Right_time can be changed to any number between 59 and 80. Right_hold can be changed to any number greater than 59 and lower than right_time.

To change one or both of these values, turn off the TIV and keep it off for a few seconds. Turn the thumbwheels to 01, and turn on the TIV while holding down the pushbutton. Both lights will start flashing. Turn the thumbwheels to the desired value of right_time, and press the pushbutton. Then, change the thumbwheels to the desired value of right_hold, and press the pushbutton.

The new values are stored in the TIVs permanent memory, and will be used from now on.


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