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Revolution Bolex Product Photo Gallary

Summer 2009 Revision

This is the lastest and current revision. The 4-pin XLR has been replaced by a Molex connector for power input. You can order it with an XLR power input, but the Molex connector has advantages.

The power input has been moved to the front and the control box input is at the back.

Revolution Bolex Motor Sync Speed and Time Lapse

The Molex jack is dyed black, to match the finish, but below is one with a white jack.

Revolution Bolex Crystal Sync


Summer 2008 Revision

The base has been squeezed down, and the control box can be mounted in back.

Revolution Crystal Sync and Time Lapse Motor for Bolex


Revolution Bolex on Location at a BMW Plant.

Revolution Bolex Shooting Time Lase at Auto Plant

BMW Timelapse at Vimeo

Below is the earliest-model Revolution on location at a Norwegian fjord.

Revolution Crystal Sync and Time Lapse Motor for Bolex on Location in Norway

If you want too see what was being filmed, click play!

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